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Cyberattacks & Remote Work: Services to Secure Your Endpoints

The requirement to secure endpoints has been increasing for the last few years. When the pandemic hit, those endpoints spiraled...

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Compliance Requirements for Cybersecurity in 2021

Cybersecurity and compliance are often intertwined. IT/security teams working on 2021 plans should remember to consider any...

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LogPoint Integrated with Cygilant SOCVue Platform Dashboard

One major challenge for organizations of any size is siloed data. While it may cause inefficiencies in some departments, for...

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5 Steps Towards Improved Cybersecurity with Continuous Security Monitoring

The challenges to cybersecurity grow more every day. One way to stay on top is to use security monitoring as part of your arsenal...

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7 Questions to Ask When Prioritizing a Vulnerability

Vulnerability management is a tough but essential part of business risk management. It is an ongoing process to assess and manage...

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8 Important Factors to Look for in a SOC as a Service Provider

When sourcing SOC as a service, it's important to know what you should expect from the provider. Discover 8 important factors to...

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MDR Vendor Requirements for Financial Services

Financial service organizations have specific security requirements for Managed Detection and Response. With limited resources...

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Cygilant Endpoint Security: Powerful and Cost-Effective

One of the questions that continuously hounds cybersecurity professionals is whether they’re keeping up with the methods and...

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