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Are Managed Security Services Right for You?

Posted by Trevan Marden on Jul 6, 2018

security servicesAre you considering augmenting your internal resources with managed security services? Can’t decide if managed security services are a good fit for you? Here are few things to think about when considering adding a managed security service.

Do you have limited budgets and resources?

Resource-constrained organizations often find that managed security services provide excellent value compared with building and maintaining their own 24x7 SOC. Managed security services can help fill the gaps in your security posture. Cygilant’s SOCVue service can deliver 24x7 security monitoring, managed and co-managed SIEM, vulnerability and patch management, along with the trained security team to manage the technology and provide guidance to customers for any identified issues.

Do you have compliance requirements?

Managed security services can help your organization achieve compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, FFIEC, PCI DSS, NIST, and other requirements intended to keep data safe. Cygilant’s Global SOC team of security analysts will work with you to help you meet your security objectives and provide the reporting you need in case of a security audit.

Do you want flexibility?

Managed security services allow customers to benefit from a highly trained team of security professionals at affordable prices, without the burden of building and managing their own SOC. Managed security services can easily scale to meet the needs of your organization now and in the future. With no upfront investment in software or hardware, you can gain access to best-of-breed technology along with a team dedicated to helping you get the most out of the solution. You will also be prepared to easily scale in the future as your organization grows and your requirements change.

For resource-constrained organizations, who lack the budget or time to build and manage their own 24x7 SOC, managed security services can be an affordable alternative. Our SOCVue Security Monitoring and SOCVue Co-Managed SIEM for Splunk ES provide 24x7 security monitoring along with access to Cygilant’s Security Operations Center team to tune and tweak the technology and provide guidance when issues are identified. With Cygilant’s Unified Vulnerability and Patch Management services, our SOC team delivers integrated vulnerability scanning and patch management capabilities as a subscription service that includes our SOC team to manage the solution.

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