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Affordable SOC-as-a-Service for SMEs

Posted by Steve Harrington on Sep 1, 2020

You may think that a Security Operations Center (SOC) is only for very large companies, but the reality is that malicious actors target any size company. A SOC is simply the epicenter of security, responsible for every aspect of protecting the organization.


You have the choice of doing it yourself on-premises or outsourcing this to an experienced cybersecurity-as-a-service.


A SOC combines people, process and technology to monitor and remediate IT security and compliance throughout your organization. Now, this can mean a lot of things, mainly due to the fact that threats can come from all sorts of angles and processes.  There two main areas of IT security:


  1. Data security where teams need to secure the network, servers, apps and endpoints. Ultimately, there are more ways that your data can be accessed than you can imagine and thus warrants a carefully trained eye to watch it.  
  2. Virtual security where intrusion prevention systems, firewalls, and other methods are used to deter people from breaching your security and entering your network.


The reason that only large and compliance-sensitive corporations like government agencies or financial institutions could afford the resources necessary to implement and manage a SOC is mainly because the demand for certified and experienced security professionals far exceeds their availability, so the subsequent bidding war leaves only the big companies with these resources. What used to cost millions of dollars now costs only thousands thanks to the introduction of new technologies and services. 


The advent of SOC as a service has become a great equalizer. Companies of any size can reap the benefits of constant vigilance, rapid remediation and easy reporting for compliance.


Evaluating SOC-as-a-service should uncover the level of support provided and include:


  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Critical Security Controls Assessment
  • Alert Notification and Remediation Guidance
  • Compliance Automation
  • On-Demand Investigation
  • Daily/Monthly Reporting
  • One-on-One Consultations


Questions Your SOC Needs to Answer


An effective SOC needs the ability to answer these key questions:


  1. What’s on my network and is it secure?
  2. How will I know when my IT assets are under attack?
  3. How will I remediate vulnerabilities and respond to attacks?


A SOC conjures up images of a military war room with banks of monitors and a swarm of personnel responding to alarm bells and blinking lights. However, the implementation of a SOC is well within the capacity of small and mid-size enterprises. By taking advantage of SOC-as-a-service, you can answer the questions above without making a huge capital investment. 


Cygilant offers SOC-as-a-Service when you select SOCVue Security Monitoring, SOCVue Vulnerability Management or SOCVue Patch Management. Get the help you need to implement a SOC in an affordable, effective manner.

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