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A Step in the Right Direction

Posted by Security Steve on Feb 13, 2018

We apologize for the contemptuous comments directed toward the security community that our Twitter account posted on the evening of February 8th.  Understandably, the security community is upset and troubled by this unprofessional behavior and we deeply regret it.  What took place should not have happened and unfortunately cannot be undone.   We wish to emphasize that these actions do not reflect our core values at Cygilant. We can promise that the actions we are taking will prevent circumstances like this from occurring again.

Those of us on the team at Cygilant who consider themselves part of and value the security community, share the feeling that authenticity, kindness and leadership values were disregarded.  We understand contributions are the best way to build our reputation within this community;  therefore, we will be starting Cygilant Labs, a separate, technical blog where the team here at Cygilant will share insights, tips and research experiences.  The first post will be available shortly after this release.  Further, measures have been taken to educate our team members on professional and meaningful communication strategies.

We are working diligently to demonstrate lessons learned. We appreciate and respect the input and feedback from members of the security community over the past few days.  Using the flaws they rapidly pointed out, we are continuing to audit our security practices and make adjustments. We are truly humbled by this experience and hope the entire company is not judged by what happened last Thursday evening. We are determined to work hard to regain trust and respect.  We thank you for your interest in this blog and for your continued interest and support.

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