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6 Videos Every Cybersecurity Professional Needs to Watch

Posted by Security Steve on Jun 2, 2016



In an industry that's constantly evolving, it can be a challenge to stay on top of recent trends. Following cybersecurity news sites and blogs can help educate you about current happenings, but what about the bigger picture? We've rounded up six online videos that cybersecurity professionals should watch in order to become better informed about today's most pressing cybersecurity issues.

A Brief History of the Internet

For some historical context, view this lecture by MIT professor Hari Balakrishnan about the history of the Internet. The video reviews the basic principles behind the architecture of the world's most important communications network. You might find some of the material familiar, but it's well-communicated and helps build a general understanding of the industry. Professionals sometimes enter a field without a firm knowledge of the field's historical context. Even if you're already aware of some of these points, a quick refresher on decentralization, the DNS system, and other fundamentals is always a good idea. Length: 51:15


Live Hack at CeBIT Global Conferences 2015

Though this video is over an hour long, it's a crucial look at different hacking techniques. A former cyber criminal, Kevin Mitnick went straight following his capture by the FBI and subsequent time spent in prison. At CeBIT Global Conferences 2015, the newly reformed white hat hacker provides a live hacking demonstration to offer useful insight into an illicit world most cybersecurity professionals have otherwise never encountered. Length: 1:12:23


What Is Your Password?

For a humorous look at password security, watch this Jimmy Kimmel Live! clip. It demonstrates something about endpoint security that cybersecurity professionals have been telling the public for years: most users practice poor password security habits. The video shows ordinary people quite willingly surrendering their passwords. The short clip is a vivid reminder of the reality all cybersecurity professionals face, and serves as an accessible video that IT experts can share with everyday computer users. Length: 2:49


For more information on how to pick a strong password, see this EiQ post.


10 Tips for a Successful SIEM Deployment

EiQ's library of webinars has lots of valuable information for cybersecurity professionals. We recommend "10 Tips for a Successful SIEM Deployment" for a look at security information and event management (SIEM), one of the common security tools used in the industry. This EiQ blog post outlines the major points of the webinar, which features EiQ Product Manager Kevin Landt discussing the usual obstacles organizations encounter when they try to set up SIEM. Landt provides 10 tips on how to get SIEM working correctly and effectively. Length: 22:52


Don't Waste Your Money on SIEM

In the humorously titled "Don't Waste Your Money on SIEM," EiQ Product Manager Kevin Landt discusses how bad SIEM deployments are a waste of money—but also explains how SIEM, when deployed effectively, can help in the right situations. In short, this video clears up many confusions about SIEM. This blog post shares a summary of the video. Length: 26:43


SOCVue Live Demo

Our final suggestion is for readers to sign up for a live video demo about SOCVue, EiQ's network security monitoring and managed security services solution. The presentations are held regularly, so register at whatever time is most convenient for you in order to learn more about how network security monitoring can help your organization become more secure.


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