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5 Things to Look for in a Security-as-a-Service Provider

Posted by Trevan Marden on Mar 2, 2018

checklist1.jpgInformation security is becoming a competitive advantage in many industries, with companies that can be trusted with financial data and personal information becoming better able to attract and retain customers and partners. Security as a service allows resource-constrained organizations to keep a level playing field with larger enterprises. Instead of a large upfront fixed cost for software such as SIEM, personnel hiring and professional integration services, security as a service spreads those costs over the subscription period. This model can provide more flexibility when budgeting IT expenditures. The scarcity of trained security professionals makes hiring trained staff in-house difficult. With security as a service, you can often receive around-the-clock security coverage for less than the cost of staffing one shift in-house.

Here are five things to look for when selecting a security-as-a-service provider:

  1. Trained & Experienced Security Team
    Building an in-house team of security professionals requires large amount of time and effort, and you may still come up short on the skills you need. Security-as-a-service providers can provide the trained security talent your organization needs. When choosing a security-as-a-service provider look for an organization who staffs its own SOC with trained and experienced security professionals. The provider’s team should partner with your team to drive continuous security improvement for your organization.

  2. Well-tested Processes
    Look for a provider who can provide insights into a wide cross-section of clients and industries. This perspective allows the provider to gain a large security knowledgebase, which helps them to respond to security threats across their entire customer base. In addition to the security intelligence gained by working with diverse clients, the provider should also have deployment and operational experience in a wide range of organizations that have helped them build well-thought out processes to optimize the service. These processes should align well with industry best practices such as the CIS Controls.

  3. 24x7 Coverage
    Hackers don’t just work nine to five, and your security can’t either. When done right, a security-as-a-service provider becomes an extension of your own team, providing round-the-clock coverage and expertise to complement your own staff. Look for a team who provides true 24x7 coverage, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

  4. Fast ROI
    The combination of trained professionals and established processes can lead to actionable security and compliance information in a relatively brief period. Look for a provider who can deliver value quickly and start saving you money and freeing up your time to focus on your core activities.

  5. Adaptability to Grow with Your Organization
    As your organization changes and grows, your security needs to adapt. The threat landscape is also constantly evolving . Look for a service provider that keeps pace with changing threats and gives you the flexibility to change or expand your services over time as your security needs evolve and your security program matures.


Consider Cygilant for your security-as-a-service provider. SOCVue from Cygilant provides the people, process, and technology to meet security and compliance objectives. The SOCVue Security Operations and Analytics Platform combines cutting-edge technology with best-in-class Global Security Operations Centers (GSOC) and security best practices for effective 24x7 cyber security programs. SOCVue enriches data from a variety of security and compliance products such as SIEM, log managementvulnerability assessment/management, and patch management to efficiently detect, analyze and respond to security incidents. Our Global SOC Security Analysts work with you, providing timely notification and remediation guidance, helping to continuously improve your security and compliance posture.

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