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5 Reasons to Work with Cygilant

Posted by Steve Harrington on Aug 26, 2020

We all know that it’s hard to navigate the cybersecurity space. From tooling to services, recruiting to resource limitations, it poses many obstacles before you can even begin to combat cyber threats. With that said, if you have identified that you need help, cybersecurity-as-a-service is a great option. It allows you to overcome recruiting challenges, resource constraints and provides help on the tools you need to manage, detect and respond to cyber threats.


When evaluating cybersecurity-as-a-service providers, we invite you to look at Cygilant. Here are five reasons Cygilant can help you deliver the cybersecurity needed for today’s workforce.


1. People

When you work with Cygilant, our experts become your experts. You get a dedicated Cygilant Cybersecurity Advisor. Working together, you’ll identify your cybersecurity goals and work towards them. Your advisor helps you through any implementations required, trains you on the technology and process and provides reporting for compliance. Cygilant experts are continuously available extending your team with experts in cybersecurity. You get the people you need without the recruiting challenges.


2. 24x7 SOC

Launching your own SOC takes time - we know, we’ve done it! When you work with Cygilant, you work with the Cygilant global SOC team. Our SOCs have four tiers of humans from level 1s to 4s. Many of our SOC team members hold masters degrees and PhD’s in cybersecurity and come from Security Operation Centers, Network Operations Centers (NOCs), software engineering and IT backgrounds. This diversity and experience in real world environments allows us to deliver value to all of our customers whether they use Linux in AWS, Windows in Azure, or a hybrid cloud mixture of network hardware and software in on- premises solutions.

Our SOC team members also hold many cybersecurity certifications including Comptia Security Plus, CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), GIAC, Cisco, and SANS.


3. Affordability

We believe cybersecurity should be achievable for everyone, not simply the people who have the deepest pockets. We’ve created our cybersecurity-as-a-service to be affordable. You choose what you need from security monitoring to vulnerability management or patch management- or all services. We’ll customize the package to ensure you get affordable cybersecurity.


4. Process

You gain access to our experts and a repeatable SOC process for effective and scalable operations. Every workflow follows these rules and is documented and recorded for SOC2 compliance. If a threat or vulnerability is identified, our analysts will investigate and triage to determine the threat level. We’ll only call you in the middle of the night if an urgent action is required.

We provide detailed reviews of triggered events across your entire attack surface to identify suspicious activity, make security observations, highlight policy violations and suggest improvements. We advise on security threats with in-depth knowledge about your environment, instead of treating each alert in isolation as good or bad.


5. Technology

We are not prescriptive on the technology you use, but we do have suggestions and advice on best of breed technology. Our services are customizable to your business. You can choose just one or the entire suite of services. With each service you get the Cygilant SOC, a Cybersecurity Advisory and the SOCVue platform. Some of our best of breed technology partners include LogPoint, Ivanti, Qualys, and Barac.

The Cygilant SOCVue platform provides a single pane of glass dashboard that provides visibility into your security monitoring, vulnerability management and patch management. It’s a real time, central repository for everything the team is doing.


Learn more about why you should work with Cygilant by booking time with our team. We are happy to run through how we can help you. We have over 20 years’ experience helping hundreds of customers in the financial services, healthcare and education industries secure their networks and data. Our portfolio of services - from security monitoring to vulnerability management and patch management - help you achieve your cybersecurity goals.

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