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3 Ways SIEM Tools Can Let You Down

Posted by Trevan Marden on Jun 1, 2018

SIEM Network SecuritySIEM is a valuable tool in your organization’s security program. These tools can collect and correlate data from a wide range of disparate devices to intelligently identify suspicious activity. However, without proper planning and preparation, these enterprise software purchases can quickly become shelfware. Here are a few ways traditional SIEMs can let you down:

  1. SIEM products require constant tweaking and tuning of alerts to silence noise and provide actionable information on viable threats. You need a team to monitor alerts around the clock to interpret results and respond to potential incidents. With the global shortage of security professionals, it can be difficult and costly to hire and retain the skilled talent you need to manage the solution. 

    Managed SIEM services like Cygilant’s SOCVue, include a team of certified security analysts to deploy and manage the technology for you, 24x7. The team will monitor alerts and investigate potential incidents, providing remediation guidance for identified threats. This frees your existing team up to take on other tasks and benefit from Cygilant’s 24x7 SOC without having to hire additional staff.

  1. SIEM solutions can also bring high upfront costs, which take a long time to budget for and have approved. Even then, it will hours of time to properly deploy and configure properly and often will require product training or professional services.

    With Cygilant’s SOCVue, you get access to our enterprise-class SIEM technology as part of your subscription, along with our 24x7 SOC team to deploy and tune the software. You’ll be up and running quickly without the large upfront investment. Our cloud-based deployment means the solution can easily scale to meet your needs without requiring ongoing server maintenance or upgrade.

  1. Managing a SOC in-house requires proven processes for investigation and remediation, not just the trained team to staff it. For mid-size organizations who are deploying SIEM technology for the first time, or have previously deployed a SIEM and struggled to receive value, a managed service can be a great alternative.

    You benefit from our team of security experts and their expertise at deploying and tuning our SIEM solution for customers in a wide range of environments. Our experts conduct forensic and root cause analysis and provide timely remediation guidance to mitigate risks to your business. Our team delivers proven processes aligned with industry standards to speed incident response.

Think managed SIEM might be right for you? Ready to learn more about how Cygilant SOCVue Security Monitoring can help your organization? Watch this brief video to learn more:

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