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3 Things About Cybersecurity Your Boss Wants to Know

Posted by Kevin Landt on Oct 25, 2016

Are CEOs aware of cybersecurity best practices? They should be.
Are CEOs aware of cybersecurity best practices? They should be.

Managers are versatile employees who understand how to run departments and motivate employees, but they may not always be the most well informed about cybersecurity. However, this isn't their fault!


The landscape of cybersecurity changes every day, and IT professionals must always stay on their toes to protect networks against new, advanced phishing and malware attacks. After all, cybercriminals are always on the lookout for new holes and weakness to exploit. Department managers simply don't have the time to run teams and IT security practices. 


IT professionals need to keep management well informed about new IT security protocols, updates, possible breaches, and actual attacks. In more detail, here are three things your boss wants to (or should know) about cybersecurity:

1. Stay in compliance with state and federal laws

Beyond establishing internal IT security measures, companies must ensure their protocols are in compliance with state and federal regulations.


"New mandates set forth by the EU are changing how companies manage and protect information."

Take for example new European Union standards regarding personally identifiable information. New mandates set forth by the EU last spring are changing how companies worldwide manage and protect customer information. And these new regulations don't just apply to internet giants, search engines or companies that operate in Europe. They also apply to American companies that have European customers or clients.


The regulations require businesses to be transparent with how they use and distribute user data, inform national authorities of IT security breaches and inform the correct regulatory agencies how they've taken steps to protect user information.


A new survey commissioned by President and CEO of Compuware Chris O' Malley indicates that many companies (60%) said they're not currently prepared to comply with the EU's demands. Don't be one of these organizations!

2. How do we keep our systems protected?

There are three rules of thumb, according to a report from KPMG Advisory, that businesses should abide by to keep themselves protected from cybercriminals. Those are prevention, detection, and response. As you can imagine, it's best to prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to critical files, but if they do, your IT personnel must be able to detect the threat and respond quickly.


KPMG suggested that to prevent, detect, and respond to IT crimes, companies should have a crisis group that's always on the ready. It further suggested these teams need to sporadically test and scan systems, follow up on vital events, and create plans of action to ward off or recover from attacks. As you can imagine, having the correct, advanced technology in place can ensure companies meet these goals.

3. What's the cost of IT security?

Cost is company-dependent, but it's vital that IT crews work with upper management to figure out what they need and how much it'll cost to keep critical software and hardware well protected.


Remember, you're not only paying for security software, you'll also have to consider paying for your security team's salary, even if you outsource.


Budget is always a concern, but remember: The more you invest in IT security now, the more you could save later in the form of recovered data and good customer relations.


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