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3 Roadblocks to Achieving Vulnerability Management for Resource Constrained Companies

Posted by Steve Harrington on Aug 12, 2020

Managing vulnerabilities is a time-consuming task, particularly for resource constrained companies that don’t have the time, staff or sometimes expertise to investigate. With vulnerabilities caused from complexity, familiarity, connectivity, poor password management, OS flaws, software bugs, unchecked user input and people, it’s hard to keep up. But vulnerabilities can be exploited. Vulnerabilities need to be quickly detected and remediated before they can be exploited.


Unfortunately, there are three main roadblocks that prevent organizations from keeping up to date on vulnerability management:


  1. Scanning technology requires too much time and effort to deploy and manage
  2. IT teams do not have the bandwidth to regularly scan and analyze the results
  3. It can be a challenge to prioritize and follow up on vulnerability remediation


Challenges to Deploying Vulnerability Management

Many of our customers have tried to deploy vulnerability management software on their own, but found that it’s a struggle to keep up and that the total cost of ownership (software license, staffing, consulting and maintenance fees, for example) is cost prohibitive.


Vulnerability management software from vendors like Rapid7 and Qualys (Cygilant partners) are widely available and can be used to scan for vulnerabilities, but without investing in the right people and processes, the data does not provide much value. A typical vulnerability report consists of page-after-page of detail, and that’s just the beginning of the vulnerability management process!


A trained analyst needs to research and prioritize the vulnerabilities based on factors including:

  • The business value of the IT asset
  • The criticality of the IT asset within the network security design
  • The availability of exploits targeting the vulnerability
  • The exposure time of the system
  • To make matters worse, the process is an infinitely repeating loop that constantly re-evaluates the security posture of the organization.


Help with Vulnerability Management

Cygilant exists to help teams of all sizes by extending your team and providing the process and technology (if needed) to keep up with vulnerability management. The service provides affordable, vulnerability assessment, analysis, and remediation guidance.


Our team will run regular scans, identify vulnerabilities, prioritize fixes and help your team with remediation. You gain the use of cutting-edge vulnerability assessment technology, along with an extended security team (our 24x7 SOC and Cybersecurity Analysts), to effectively analyze vulnerabilities and track the remediation process.


Learn more about how we can help you identify, analyze, and remediate vulnerabilities on your systems.


Why Unified Vulnerability and Patch Management is Right for You

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