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3 Reasons to Look at Managed SIEM Services

Posted by Trevan Marden on Mar 23, 2018

Technology_Human.jpgSIEM (Security Information and Event Management) has been around a while and forms a pillar of many security programs, collecting and correlating data from a wide range of network devices to identify and alert on anomalous activity. This activity may indicate a potential attack or malicious actor posing a real threat to your network security. However, enterprise-class SIEM software products are advanced solutions and require constant tweaking and tuning of alerts to quiet unnecessary noise and provide actionable information on viable threats. These solutions require a team of staff to monitor alerts around the clock to interpret and respond to potential incidents. These solutions can also be very costly to purchase and deploy. However, managed SIEM services can avoid these hurdles and start delivering value to your organization almost immediately. If you’ve been putting off your SIEM projects because you don’t have enough staff or thought it would cost too much, you should consider a managed SIEM solution.  Here are three reasons to look at managed SIEM:

  1. 24x7 SOC Team
    There’s a massive shortage of qualified security professionals in the market, and if your organization is like most, you struggle to find and retain the talent you need to managed complex security technologies. Managed SIEM services like Cygilant’s SOCVue, include a team of certified security analysts to deploy and manage the technology for you, 24x7. The team will monitor alerts and investigate potential incidents, providing remediation guidance for identified threats. This frees your existing team up to take on other tasks and benefit from Cygilant’s 24x7 SOC without having to hire additional staff.
  2. Avoid Large Upfront Software Purchase
    Traditional SIEM software can be a large purchase and take a long time to budget for and have approved. Once it’s purchased it still requires hours of time to properly deploy and configure before you start to see value. With managed SIEM, like Cygilant’s SOCVue security as a service, you get access to our enterprise-grade SIEM technology as part of your subscription, along with our 24x7 SOC team to deploy and tune the software. You’ll be up and running and start seeing value from your investment quickly.
  3. Meet Compliance Objectives with a Scalable Solution
    SIEM and log management is a part of many compliance regulations which state that organizations must collect and regularly review log files from devices on their network. Manually reviewing log files quickly becomes an overwhelming task, so SIEM and log management can help by bubbling up the most critical entries based on correlations across multiple devices and users, saving dramatic time over manual review. With a managed SIEM service, like SOCVue from Cygilant, you gain this capability and a scalable solution designed to meet your needs today and in the future. With our cloud-hosted SIEM technology, you can purchase a subscription that meets your needs today and easily upgrade in the future as your network expands. There’s no need to install and maintain servers or upgrade physical hardware as usage grows.

Think managed SIEM might be right for you? Ready to learn more about how Cygilant SOCVue Security Monitoring can help your organization? Watch this brief video to learn more:

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