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3 Reasons to Consider SOC as a Service

Posted by Trevan Marden on Apr 27, 2018

soc as a serviceSOC as a service can be a cost-effective alternative for organizations who struggle with the time, budget, or trained staff needed to build and manage their own 24x7 SOC. A SOC-as-a-Service solution will help provide the extra eyes for 24x7 coverage along with security expertise and guidance for remediating potential security incidents that are detected. Services typically also install and tune the necessary technology, removing this burdensome task from your organization. Here are three reasons to consider SOC as a Service:

  • Access to 24x7 Security Expertise

With a SOC as a Service, you can gain access to a 24x7 global SOC team who can help monitor your network, schedule and interpret vulnerability scans and provide guidance to resolve identified security issues. Given the worldwide shortage of trained security professions, it can be difficult for organizations to find and retain the talent they need to build their own SOC. Oftentimes, budgets do not allow for full-time coverage around the clock, but hackers don’t stop at night.  It’s important to make sure your coverage never stops and a managed SOC can be a great solution.

  • Security Best Practices

By leveraging an existing team of security experts, you’ll benefit from their experience working with multiple customers in varied environments. SOC as a Service provides access to security best practices and well-developed processes to make sure your organization is keeping pace with industry recommendations and compliance mandates.

  • Better ROI from Investment

Overall, SOC as a Service provides a better ROI for many organizations when compared to the cost of procuring enterprise software and staffing, training, and retaining a round-the-clock security operations center on their own. By leveraging a SOC as a service, this frees your existing team up to focus efforts on high priority tasks, rather than spend time learning to use new tools or spend time chasing false alerts.

Cygilant’s SOCVue services provide a 24x7 Global SOC (GSOC) team of trained security analysts to give customers round-the-clock coverage and assistance with any identified security incidents. Our team can manage vulnerability scans and assist with the patch management process, along with auditable workflows for change management. For resource-constrained organizations, who lack the budget or time to build and manage their own 24x7 SOC, SOC as a service can be an affordable alternative. Cygilant’s trained IT security staff make it easy for organizations of all sizes to benefit from SOC as a Service. To discuss how Cygilant can help your organization, request a demo today:

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