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3 Major Benefits of Log Management

Posted by Security Steve on Nov 8, 2016

Log management tools companies better track and understand their data.
Log management tools companies better track and understand their data.

Each day IT equipment, servers, firewalls, and other hardware and software systems collect and store information in the form of logs. These logs are vast, and always contain a wealth of data that companies can use to analyze everything from how efficiently they are running their businesses to the state of their IT security.


While this information is critical, there's only one problem: It's often hard to decipher because, quite simply, there's just too darn much of it.

That's where log management tools come into play. Here are three major benefits of these tools:

"Log management tools help management quickly track down which pieces of data are missing."

1. Tracks employees' actions

Has data been stolen? Has an employee logged into a system without authorization? Log management tools help management quickly track down which pieces of data are missing and from where by sending out alerts.


These programs can act like your company's own personal detective, allowing everyone from IT personnel to law enforcement (with a warrant) to find culprits in a timely manner.

2. Remedy problems

Some log management tools have the added bonus of automatically protecting systems such as blocking IP addresses, removing accounts, immobilizing USB storage capabilities, and completely shutting down machines, noted Robert Cordray, a former business consultant and entrepreneur, according to IT World Canada.


Cordray explained that these automation tools save on hiring costs while increasing the performance of its security solutions - that's a win-win from an IT security standpoint.

3. Connect all corners of an organization

Log management tools are highly sophisticated pieces of software that act much like traditional business intelligence solutions. David Torre of CSO noted that log management systems connect all corners of the office instead of having being viewed in separate silos. As we stated earlier, this increases a business's problem resolving efficiency without having to increase employee count. The end result is a more streamlined communication process, allowing employees to quickly react to cybersecurity issues.


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