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2 Simple Ways IT Asset Management Can Boost Security

Posted by Security Steve on Jun 9, 2015

DiscoveryVueImplementing IT Asset Management can help your organization reduce its exposure to cyber risk. Hackers are always looking for the easiest way to infiltrate your network and IT Asset Management can help close the holes that let hackers in. While every network faces unknown risks, IT Asset Management can help you mitigate known risks.

IT Asset Management can provide detailed information on the lifecycle of your devices, including what devices are known and authorized on your network and what software those devices are running.

Here are two ways IT asset tracking can help you improve your security:

  1. By comparing connected devices to those you know are authorized on your network, you can reduce you exposure by finding rogue devices and banishing them from the network.
  2. Similarly, by managing a whitelist of authorized software (and versions of software) you can easily identify the devices on your network with outdated applications that require patching or may have unauthorized software installed.

Those familiar with the Top 20 Critical Security Controls will recognize these as Controls 1 and 2, respectively. For those unfamiliar, the Critical Security Controls (CSCs) provide a list of 20 recommended steps for effective cyber defense. The CSCs share similarities with other frameworks, including those detailed in NIST publication 800-53, and are widely accepted as best practices for securing a network.

We here at EiQ believe strongly in the value of implementing the CSCs and we’ve actually aligned our SOCVue security monitoring service around these processes to help our customers get the best value. For IT Asset Management, we’re able to check your network for devices connected as well as the software running on those devices and compare against authorized lists to provide alerts if unknown devices connect or if connected devices are running software versions that don’t meet your established policies and might need patching.

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